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Web Editor (HTML,PHP,CSS,JS)


Web Editor - HTML,CSS, PHP and JS editor for web developers!!!! ###Suggestion available for HTML.###Features: 1. Run without opening browser. 2. Save data automatically while writing or changing any byte.. 3. create file automatically after typing title and selecting its type..And it will be store into WebEditor folder in your memory card as its type.. 4. Can be open file by clicking on "Open" button 5. able to getting absolute path or deleting file Just simply Long click on File Name..and path will be automatically written in opened file. 6.All necessary symbol has given just scroll horizontally..
Next Update coming soon with CSS Suggestion and few graphical change,customization color,project export and import system,color picker for css,line number indicate ..
About Version 1.2.1: Releasing Date : April 01 2016 1. fixing space or new line removing problem while opening a file . 2. tag and keyword identifying by different color .. 3. Open a file by writing its name on title box and selecting file type by spinner .. 4. Adding some keyword. 5. Changing color of CLR button to Red.
About version 1.2.0 : Releasing Date : March 22 2016 1. Fixing long click crush bug. 2. Adding Suggestion for HTML. 3. Changing Text color. 4. Changing GUI to more attractive.
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